Interior Designs for Log Cabins


The effort by many to live a much healthy and greener life has resulted in the increasing desire to go back to owning log cabins. These are wooden structures that were peoples’ favorite in the past. It is a much greener and healthier house material option and many are building these homes year in year out. Living in a log cabin will require a certain amount of decoration and design ideas. This article will provide the ideas. If you live in a traditional house then these ideas will suit you. These ideas can also be used in other houses. The designs are usually simple, casual and rustic. Read more great facts on Antler chandeliers, click here.

Decoration with natural items will make you achieve the rustic look in the house. These items can be shopped from flea markets, discount shops, estate sales and second-hand shops. A lot of items need to be considered such as the furniture, walls, floor, and the windows. The first step should be to make a choice of the color scheme. It is great to choose neutral colors. A wooden cabin goes well with brick- red, spruce green, rich brown, coal-black, golden- yellow, creamy beige or denim blue walls. These colors will bring out a rich design in the wooden house. For more useful reference regarding Antler dog bone, have a peek here.

Installing wooden ceiling beams will add on to the rustic look effect. Ceiling made from unnatural wood is very affordable. The color of the floor is recommended to be a wide plank. Laminate wood flooring is cheaper, durable, easy to install and scratch resistant. Installing faux wooden blinds will regulate light entering the house and it will also provide the house with a wooden cabin feel. Hang curtains with nature symbols associated with plants and animals. For furniture, you should choose those made from natural materials such as bamboo, leather, stone, and wood. To bring out an appealing, enchanting and delightful feel, try out log furnishing.

The choice of reclaimed or recycled material for furniture choices is a great idea. It is very affordable, environment-friendly and sustainable. When this choice is made with a touch of natural colors than the wooden house effect will be excellently nailed. The most suitable match will be brown leather sofa sets, timber benches, log dressers and sideboards and stone tops among others. A wooden house should exude simplicity, elegance and a relaxing ambiance. A fireplace with stacked up stone panels or wooden mantels that look more natural will complete the wooden house feel. Please view this site for further details.


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